Release Date: 12 Jul 2010

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Thriller Manju is a well-known action choreographer of Kannada and Telugu films. He has also dabbled in direction many times with disastrous results. But he apparently refuses to learn a few lessons from his past mistakes. His bilingual film "Jayahe", which has been released first in Kannada, can be a torturous two-hour watch.

Audiences are left with little choice than to walk out of the cinema hall as the movie not only leaves you bored but also gives you a headache after a point. But film critics aren't lucky enough to do that.

"Jayahe" has no story and screenplay to rave about. The movie is just a rehash of several films.

The film is about a computer expert being kidnapped by a group of greedy dons and his daughter sets out on a trip to Bangkok to free her father and take revenge.

The film could have been better if some fresh elements were incorporated in its presentation. But what you see on screen is a series of badly-scripted scenes and ear-shattering stunt sequences.

Thriller Manju has a set formula. He starts off with the abduction of the scientist in front of his daughter, who is also a witness to her mother's murder. Then this is followed by a fight sequence. Later in the film, you see the same formula being repeated.

As though directing and choreographing the fight scenes were not enough, Thriller Manju also takes on additional responsibilities like writing the lyrics and playing a key role in the film. His performance is not great...and nor are his lyrics.

Ayesha, the Karate black belt, looks good in action sequences, but she is severely handicapped by bad characterisation. Both Jai Akash and Gauri Pandit, who play police investigators, have nothing much to do except being seen in one song and some badly written sequences. Also, it is a tragedy that a talented actor like Avinash is wasted in this film.

Krupakar's music is another big let down.

"Jayahe" is a badly made film. Watch it at your own risk.