Vajor Travelogue: 'Vivaana Culture Hotel, Mandawa, Rajasthan

Sometimes, a weekend getaway is all we need to break free from the hectic spiral that our lives are. Escaping the tiring schedules of everyday, mundane and machine-like life to an innate hideout is the perfect way to reconnect with ourselves and our surroundings. A travelogue full of soul, join three women Shweta Tripathi, an actor, Aien Jamir, a Blogger and Angel Bedi, an artist, in their travel to 'Vivaana Culture Hotel, Mandawa, Rajasthan with each other. The journey began with all of three of these women being strangers, and from there they formed a bond. A bond of friendship, a bond of likeness for travelling and connected through their journey. A journey that isn't just about having quality time, but it was also about the enriching experience of realisation as we get back to our roots.

The true essence of travel is stepping out of your corner of the world and exploring another… It was more than a touristic vacation for us, it was a meaningful adventure that took us back to life physically, emotionally and spiritually. This lovely escapade took us to a quaint place in Rajasthan with culture and heritage in its full glory and witnessed old traditions seep in.

The women chose to wear Vajor, that spoke and shouted of a complete vacation vibe… The garments were picked keeping in mind the shift from the hustling city life to a much relaxed village of Rajasthan. The women worn clothes that reflected their true identities. Shweta Tripathi being an amazingly versatile Actor that she is, completely reflected her mature persona through her dressing style. It was all about comfortable, breezy garments that were not only quite free-spirited like her but also spoke of her being an avid traveller… Speaking of Aien Jamir, a beautifully humble fashion blogger, could be seen wearing garments that were very off-beat and edgy, and reflected her boho nature very aptly. And lastly, Angel Bedi from The Filmy Owl, is a wonderful artist and a jovial person, was seen wearing garments that were fresh and cheerful like her personality. She wore bright and floral garments that just brought out the bright happy side of her even more…

When asked about the kind of impact the trip created on the three of them, Shweta who loves travelling and makes it a point to celebrate every New Year in a place she has never been to before, said, “What this trip has done for me is that i am going to take different journeys now… And because since i already love travelling so much, i am going to mix and match that with people and new places…”
The entire road trip took almost eight hours to reach our destination, that comprised of musical sessions inside the caravan, ice-breaking sessions, playing games and joking around between the team members and the three lovely women… And the most beautiful part of the journey was experiencing the enchanting sunsets from the roof of the caravan, the all natural surroundings of the village sans streetlights, cars and honking and melting in the evening and atmosphere of the heritage city of Rajasthan. After the tiring journey that drained each one of them, but as soon as they reached the destination, the welcoming folk song of ‘Padharo Mare Desh’, the flowers and the destination took away the tiredness. For Aien Jamir the “experience was amazing, beautiful!” One thing she definitely took back home was the need of “treasuring your roots. I think that is so important and i have learnt that right here…”
Watch as we touch our first milestone in an enlightening journey.
The Vajor Summer Getaway was an enriching experience for each of them. The idea was to inspire and to get inspired, something that was experienced by everyone. For each had a story to tell, experiences to share, and an amazing journey to behold close to their hearts for the rest of their lives. The profound impact that Angel Bedi felt is in her own words is that, “this trip is going to change everything about my future travel plans…” Something that is true for each of us…