Sad that there can't be a common language in India: Rajinikanth

Four days after major political parties in Tamil Nadu reacted strongly to Union Home Minister Amit Shah's tweets to make Hindi as India's global identity, Rajinikanth gave his voice on the issue here.

Speaking to reporters here, Rajinikanth said a common language is important for any country for its development, growth and integrity.

Continuing further he added that it is unfortunate that such a thing is not possible in India.

The actor, who had announced he would enter active politics, said not only in Tamil Nadu, no southern state will accept imposition of Hindi.

Even some North Indian states will not accept Hindi imposition.

"India is a country of different languages, and every language has its own importance. But it's important to have a language of the whole country, which should become the identity of India in the world. Today, if one language can do the work of unifying the country, then it's Hindi, the most spoken language," Shah said in a series of tweets on the occasion of Hindi Diwas that was celebrated on Saturday.