Dev Joshi undergoes parkour training for 'Baalveer Returns'

Mumbai, Aug 28 (IANS) Actor Dev Joshi is going through extensive training for his role in "Baalveer Returns", even parkour sessions.

Parkour is a training discipline that uses movement that developed from military obstacle-course training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest way possible.

On his preparations, Dev said: "I'm thrilled to be back as Baalveer and I am undergoing a series of changes and I have been preparing for the character since the day I have been roped in for it. Physical fitness is a major aspect of the character... so I have to make sure I never miss gym. I am even undergoing parkour training which helps me bring perfection to the action sequences. I want to explore every possible route to do justice to the character and live up to our viewer's expectations."

"Baalveer Returns" will air on Sony SAB.