Shatrughan Sinha :It seems Luv is paying a price for being my son: Shatrughan Sinha

Mumbai The scathing reviews of his son's debut film "Sadiyaan" has left Shatrughan Sinha wondering if his son Luv is being put through the grinder because of his family background. "It's quite clear that Luv is paying a price for being his father's son. He isn't being given a chance to make his presence felt. People who have scores to settle with me are coming out to target my boy. It isn't fair," Sinha told IANS. "Tell me which newcomer has not been awkward in his first film. Why be so harsh with Luv? Does he not deserve a chance just because he is my son?" Sinha comes out in defence against Shekhar Suman's son Adhyayan's accusation that Luv had insulted Suman. "My son has been brought up well. He knows how to show respect to his elders. Please ask my colleagues Rishi Kapoor, Hema Malini and Rekha who played his parents in 'Sadiyaan'. Has Luv ever been disrespectful to them? So what is this about my boy calling Shekhar Suman names on a social networking website?" Apparently, Luv called Shekhar Suman a "clown" on Facebook. Adhyayan retaliated by calling Luv an "idiot". "Luv says his account was hacked. He never called Shekhar a name. I believe my son. He never lies. The matter ends there. Shekhar has been smarting ever since he lost his deposit when he contested the Lok Sabha elections against me in Bihar," said Sinha. Not that Shatrughan Sinha is saying that his son deserves to be showered with praise for his debut performance. "He is raw. He's new. He needs experience. And he needs encouragement. Not below-the-belt comments about his looks, his parents, etc. Some of our biggest superstars were awkward on camera when they came in. "I was relentlessly and ruthlessly criticised for my looks when I did my initial films like 'Gambler' and 'Saajan'. I was told to go back to Bihar. I survived. All I am saying is to give the boy a chance to prove himself. Do not use him to settle personal scores with me," he said.