Singer Taylor Swift's house attacked, 3 arrested

Los Angeles, June 19: Singer Taylor Swift's house in Rhode Island was attacked by three people, who allegedly threw beer bottles at the property and shouted abuse at her security team. They have been arrested.

The Connecticut natives - Michael Horrigan, 29, Tristan Kading, 28, and Emily Kading, 26 - were charged with breach of peace on Sunday night after they allegedly hurled beer bottles at the singer's house and shouted abuse at her security team, reports

According to the Westerly Sun newspaper, a guard Ryan Poirier said that the trio also "extended their middle fingers" at the team and he managed to photograph the suspects on his mobile phone.

Kading says this was not the case and they were "not flipping off anyone ... they were simply throwing up the peace sign like Taylor does in her '22' music video".

It is believed that Swift was not at home when the incident took place.

The suspects were later released on promises to appear in court. (Bollywood Country Report)