'The Holiday' a break from intense acting for Priyank

Mumbai, Aug 10 (IANS) Actor Priyank Sharma found shooting for "The Holiday" a welcome break from Rahat, the intense character he plays in "Puncch Beat".

Priyank plays Patricl -- an over-the-top, chatty and fun character -- in "The Holiday".

"As an actor, you aren't thinking about the magnitude of the role you play. You just want to work no matter what the character is. Having said that, shooting for 'The Holiday' was a welcome break and a much-needed relief from the very intense Rahat," said the actor, adding: "Patrick will always be very close to my heart. He's a friend everyone wishes they had and it's been great fun playing him."

"The Holiday" is a slice of life show revolving around four friends who decide to go on a trip to Mauritius to celebrate their friend's bachelorette.