India's Naaz Joshi wins Miss World Diversity 2019

Port Louis, Aug 3 (IANS) India's transsexual woman Naaz Joshi has made the country proud with a third successive victory in the beauty pageant Miss World Diversity.

Naaz was crowned Miss World Diversity 2019 on August 3 here.

On winning the title, Naaz said: "Winning crown gives me the power and responsibility towards society.

"With such a huge responsibility, I aim to work towards bringing transgender into the mainstream. I want that everyone should accept us as we are without any discrimination."

Naaz competed against 14 other international contestants in Mauritius.

For the finale round, she dressed up in blue lehenga and choli, and portrayed herself as the powerful Indian Goddess, who stands for 'shakti' - the feminine source of power and women empowerment.