When beauty is sin deep

New Delhi, March 6 (IANSlife) IANSlife caught up with L'Oréal Paris India's General Manager, Pau Gruart, to find out what the cosmetic giant has in store for the season and what is essential for skincare needs.

Every community has specific needs for their skincare, is the Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence suitable to Indian skin needs and how?

Gruart: Majority of the Indian subcontinent has tropical weather with many consumers having normal to oily skin - today's consumer's skincare needs are lighter textures and quick absorption formats that have a nude to matte skin finish. The L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence is a new generation of skincare, an ultra-lightweight micro-essence that combines key ingredients like salicylic acid and skin brightening actives. Perfect for tropical Indian weather, these micro droplets have a watery texture that gets easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and non-sticky all day, making it a suitable fit for the Indian market.

Korean skin products are all the rage nowadays; do you think that the new launch from L'Oréal can take compete with them?

Gruart: L'Oréal Paris has been a pioneer in the skincare, hair and makeup category for years across the globe, offering the best innovations with targeted solutions to all consumer problems. We are the No.1 face care brand, world-wide and we believe that consumers are open to trying new launches from a trusted global brand like ours, with such strong equity in skincare. Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence will be an interesting product for the Indian market as the consumers are getting a lot more exposed to serums, essences etc. This new micronized technology will be a game changer for the Indian skincare market.

By building up the category of micro-essence and educating consumers about the importance and need for an essence, we aim to be a dominant player in skincare. With cutting-edge technology and its innovative texture, Indian consumers will open to this new gesture and our new launch.

Do you think in a world where cosmetic procedures are routine, there is still a place for skin care products?

Gruart: Face serum is lightweight care that penetrates deeper than regular creams to deliver concentrated levels of active ingredients into your skin. Using a serum regularly in your skincare routine can give your skin a more radiant, firmer, smoother texture, making pores appear smaller as well as increasing moisture levels. Serums can also help reduce dark spots and the appearance of dull skin. Just to give you a comparison, even a cosmetic water, cream or serum can penetrate only 2-3 layers. When you have such deep penetrating products - made using cutting edge technology - many consumers prefer hi-efficacy skincare products.

Even though cosmetic procedures have seen a lot of attention, skincare products are here to stay for those who truly believe in the brands producing them. We are committed to introducing newer and breakthrough categories of products in India.

What lifestyle habits can one include to take care of their skin

Gruart: I think the most effective, yet underrated tip would be adequate water and fluid intake and sufficient sleep. These really helps in keeping the skin healthy and maintaining the moisture level of the skin.

Keeping the face clean is also important - to remove excess dirt and oil built up through the day.

Another important tip would be to always remove your makeup before sleeping. A good micellar water like the L'Oréal Paris Bi-phase micellar water is a great product one can use for easy cleansing.

Hydrating your skin every day is important, even if one has oily skin. A water-based moisturizer or a micro-essence like the Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence is great for this purpose.

Lastly, sunscreen is your best friend. We often skip this step, not realizing the damage UV rays can do to your skin. Always use a light sunscreen before stepping out - the new UV Perfect Matte & Fresh with SPF 50 is a great oil-free, matte-finish sunscreen, which is perfect for Indian humid weather.

Nowadays many products come with tags like - 'paraben free' / free from animal testing/ vegan etc. Does Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence fit any of these?

Gruart: Since the 1980s, L'Oréal has believed that the future of safety evaluation depends on the development of alternative, "predictive" strategies to end animal testing. This approach has been built thanks to substantial scientific progress being made in the fields of human reconstructed skin models, molecular modeling and high-performance data processing.

It's been twenty-seven years since our top expert scientists created the first reconstructed human epidermis: an international revolution! This meant animal testing could be stopped from 1989, 14 years before it was legally required and without making our skin care products any less safe.

What is a micro essence?

Gruart: A micro-essence is lightweight, liquefied care made using micronized technology, designed to penetrate into the deeper layers, so that it acts from within your skin. It is ideal to use it twice a day depending on one's skincare routine and requirements. This is a game changer in the skincare beauty regime is currently one of the most revolutionary skin care formats in Asia - which we believe has the potential to become huge in India too.