Alexa to create eye makeup range

London, Aug 17 (IANS) Model-TV presenter Alexa Chung has signed a collaboration deal with Eyeko cosmetics to create her own range of eye makeup.

The 29-year-old says she has been involved in the creative process of the line's creation since her first meeting with Eyeko founders Max and Nina Leykind, reports

"Maybe it was the hangover, but my head was loosened up and I came up with at least 50 things. If something excites me or I'm inspired by something, loads of ideas fall out of my head," Chung told

"It's a creative relationship - I send images and different inspirations to Max and Nina and we go from there. It's quite free form at the moment," she added.

The collection of eye makeup essentials, to be released in November, includes a $45 waterproof mascara and eyeliner kit.