Popular Bengali films will be screened during the festival.

'Pramukar' about effects of politics on youth

'Pramukar' will highlight how politics has effected the lives of people.

'Ra Ra' crime-thriller, not love story

The director has clarified the genre of the movie.

No bias in choosing films for awards: Suresh

Suresh Krissna says for awards films are chosen based on healthy discussions.

2013 will be momentous for me: Santosh Sivan

The filmmaker is looking forward to a busy year.

'Osei Osei...' typical, yet different love story

The movie's various aspects of romance differentiates it with other love stories

Srihari's role to be crowd-puller, says director

The actor is playing role of Yama, lord of death

Comedy can't be categorised: Sivaji

Telugu actor Sivaji feels comedy should not be categorised into sub-genres.