The director is in talks with producers who have shown their interest.

Kanika signs second Telugu flick

Hrithik's reel sister Kanika Tiwari signs her second Telugu romantic-drama.

"I thought I'm too ugly to be an actress"

The actress did not find herself attractive enough to be in the film industry.

'Eega' to feature at Shanghai film festival

The film will be featured at upcoming 16th Shanghai International Film Festival.

When actor Mohan Raman was surprised

Honouring southern actors whom he recommended pleasantly surprised Mohan Raman.

US film 'explores the power' of baseball

America's national pastime baseball has found a foothold in Manipur

Paoli's role in 'Ankur Arora ...' close to life

The actress really enjoyed playing the character

'Iron Man 3' to open big in Tamil

The Tamil dubbed version of Marvel's "Iron Man 3" is set to open in 100 screens.