Frieda Pinto said her role in Woody Allen's new film reflects her own life.

Lohan walks free on $300,000 bail

Lindsay Lohan finally released from jail posting a $300,000 bail.

John Mayer not dating Aniston

Mayer's representative confirms Aniston and Mayer are not dating.

Size six too big for Kelly Osbourne

Singer Kelly Osbourne admits a size six dress has become too big for her.

Rihanna, Katy Perry party in strip club

Rihanna, Perry visited a strip club and enjoyed Cirque du Soleil performance.

Lohan's release date extended

Lohan's release date extended

Lindsay Lohan will have to spend another week in rehab.

Kate Winslet comes out with new love

Kate Winslet has found love again after Same Mendes in new beau Louis Dowler.

Jolie loves to cook meals

Jolie loves to cook meals

Jolie says sometimes cooking makes her feel as if she is a waitress.