Shah Rukh, who had canceled his visit to Patna might visit the capital.

Preity wishes best actress awards for Vidya

Preity Zinta hopes Vidya wins the top honours for her performance this year.

Arshad's encounter with monkey

Arshad, who is shooting in Delhi, is finding it difficult to deal with monkeys.

SRK's humour bowls over Ashish Chowdhry

Actor Ashish Chowdhry is the latest to praise Shah Rukh Khan's humility.

Veena never left India: Manager

Her manager says she is still in India.

Life OK launched with Madhuri as sutradhaar

Star India's new channel Life OK goes on air Sunday with Madhuri as sutradhaar

Hazare to watch first film in 41 years?

Anna Hazare is likely to watch Tamil film "Mudhalvar Mahatma"

Uday dines with Wilde, Bateman

Uday dines with Wilde, Bateman

Uday Chopra had an "awesome" dinner with Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde.